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Hazrat Amir Sultan Ameer Afzal

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Darbar Akbaria

Kamil murshid aesa hovey jira dhobi vango chattey Hu

Naal nigah dey pak karaenda saji sabun na ghattey Hu

Maeleaan no kar devey chitta zara mael na rakhey Hu

Murshid hovey Bahu jerah loon loon dey vich vasey Hu

Darbar Akbaria


The cosmic light of the lord manifested itself in the form of Muhammed and further brought with it seven forms of cosmic beings . These great personalities have been the main reason for the spiritual upliftment of Otad ,Akhyar , Abdal, Qutb , Ghous, Fard, Siddique, Abd and all the saints. These great personalities are also the chief architects of the grand universal show. One such ultra-majestic,magnanimous personality is Hazrat Sultan-ul-Arfeen Burhan-ul- wasleen Muqatada -e- kamilen Shahbaz -e- hahoot Sultan-ul-faqr Sultan Bahu R.A. After Hazrat Sultan Bahu R.A his progeny has continuously and effectively shouldered the responsibility of spiritually awakening sincere seekers. Hazrat Sultan Bahu R.A has himself announced:

The very moment my progeny arrives in this world ,I confer him with the highest spiritual status and make him the king of spirituality

Hazrat Sultan Bahu R.A has maintained a beautiful spiritual garden, where he has nurtured many spiritual flowers and one such flower emanating immense spiritual fragrance is Hazrat Chan Sultan Ameer Afzal. “ Chan Sultan ” is this great personality’s spiritual title . The title itself signifies that Hazrat Chan Sultan is very dear to Hazrat Sultan Bahu. This spiritual title "Chan Sultan " was coined and finalized by Hazrat Hafiz-allah-Baksh and Hazrat Akbar Sultan, grandfather and father of Hazrat Chan Sultan respectively. The illumined master Hazrat Chan Sultan was born at Shorkot Shareef .Hazrat Chan Sultan's parents used to abide in a house situated within the boundary of the mausoleum of Hazrat Sultan Bahu (ra).


Hazrat Mai Malook BiBi (ra)

Hazrat Chan Sultan Ameer Afzal’s mother’s name is Hazrat Mai Maluk Bibi. She was an extremely religious and pious lady. Beforehand the blessed lady had an intuition about the birth of the perfect master. She lived all her life inside the courtyard of the mausoleum of Hazrat Sultan Bahu. The pilgrims used to gather there day in and day out to get their problems solved spiritually through Hazrat Mai Maluka Bibi . She imparted excellent formal and spiritual education to Hazrat Chan Sultan Ameer Afzal. Hazrat Mai Maluk Bibi's holy tomb is still standing at the courtyard of the mausoleum with it's full grandeur, showering love and blessings to all.


Hazrat Akbar Sultan (ra)
Hazrat Akbar Sultan R.A (Descendant of Hazrat Sultan Bahu R.A)


Hazrat Akbar Sultan is the father of Hazrat Chan Sultan Ameer Afzal. Hazrat Akbar Sultan was a perfect spiritual master of his time . The mausoleum complex at Lahore "Darbar-e-Akbaria" is named after him.Hazrat Akbar Sultan lived most of his life at the mausoleum at Shorkot Jhang , from where he showered spiritual blessings on common people and devotees.By the holy command of Hazrat Sultan Bahu he shifted to Lahore and lived there for 10 years , and thereby invaluable spiritual blessings of Hazrat Sultan Bahu were made easily accessible for the common people of Lahore . The utterances from the master’s holy mouth were sure to happen under any or all circumstances.

Mein shehbaz karan parvaaz vich darya karam dey Hu
Zuban meri hey kun barabar muraan kam kalam dey Hu

A few miraculous events from the life of Hazrat Akbar Sultan

1.Once a weeping old lady arrived at the doorsteps of Hazrat Akbar Sultan,there she complained that “My son has gone to India on a business tour,and there the police has detained him without any sufficient cause”. She requested to pray for his release. Hazrat Akbar Sultan told her that , “ your son would arrive back home by 12 midnight ", and so it happened!! The captured man himself testified that , on the day of his arrival a luminous personality arrived and he unlocked the doors of the cell.I stepped out, but at once I was gripped with the fear of getting caught again no matter how far I flee.The moment this apprehension came in my mind, the master asked me, “ What keeps you off from escaping??” I told Hazrat Akbar Sultan my apprehensions. Hazrat Akbar Sultan ordered me to close my eyes and after a moment I was ordered to open my eyes and to my astonishment, I found myself at my home besides my mother.

2.Once Hazrat Akbar Sultan decided to go for a pilgrimage to Mecca and therefore he boarded a PIA aircraft (this incident happened in an era of lenient security arrangements , and tickets were checked only once the passengers were inside the aircraft). When the authorities discovered that Hazrat Akbar Sultan was not in a possession of a valid ticket, they asked Hazrat Akbar Sultan to get out of the aircraft. While getting out of the aircraft Hazrat Akbar Sultan uttered , “ All right if I am not going then this aircraft is also not going ” The pilots tried very hard but mysteriously the plane did not move . After noticing this strange phenomenon the pilot and other passengers realized their mistake and searched for Hazrat Akbar Sultan , they found Hazrat Akbar Sultan and after much humble persuasion Hazrat Akbar Sultan agreed to travel with them. The aircraft started it’s journey the very moment Hazrat Akbar Sultan was comfortably seated in the plane. Hazrat Akbar Sultan prayed and meditated for a long time in Saudi Arabia and then returned to his native place.

Death of Hazrat Akbar Sultan (ra)

The exalted master consciously merged into the infinite almighty on a Friday . The all knowing saint summoned his son Hazrat Chan Sultan Ameer Afzal and made his will , stating , ”I want my funeral prayer(namaz-e-janaza) to be read at Data Darbar(mausoleum of another celebrated saint Data Ganj Baksh at Lahore ), he also indicated his choice for the piece of land, for his burial, he also precisely indicated the date and time of his departure. As per the directions in the will, the funeral prayer( namaz-e-janaza ) was read after Friday prayers ( namaz-e-juma ) at Data Darbar. This was the first instance when a funeral prayer was read at Data Darbar. Entire clan of Hazrat Sultan Bahu was present at the funeral ceremony, specially the head of the shrine of Hazrat Sultan Bahu (sajjad-e-nasheen), Hazrat Ghulam jilani . Despite busy schedule he stayed at the ceremony for two hours. The head of the funeral prayer ceremony was Maulvi Yasin Sahab. Later, the management committee also served a notice to Maulvi Yasin Sahab demanding explanation as to how a funeral prayer was allowed to be read at Data Durbar? Whereas it had never happened before.
The learned Maulvi Sahab explained :-

It is neither your business nor mine, it is an internal spiritual matter between Hazrat Sultan Bahu and Hazrat Data Ganj Baksh,known only to them , for allowing the funeral prayer to be prayed here”.




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